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Discover the Difference with Nanni Diesel and General Marine Services

The Nanni Diesel range of marine engines are based on three of the worlds leading engine makers, Kubota, Toyota and VM Motori. These three names have an undeniable reputation for quality and reliability. Partnered with the professionalism and expertise from the team at Nanni Diesel and General Marine Services, you to can discover why Nanni Diesel is favoured by an increasing number of boat owners worldwide.

Nanni Diesel Range

7hp - 350hp Shaft Drive
10hp - 60hp Sail Drive
130hp - 350hp Stern Drive
Also available in Bobtail

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General Marine Services Ltd.

The company's location in the heart of Auckland's Westhaven marine precinct makes it easy to service a sea-going vessel; multiple berths, slipways, travel lifts, hardstands and complementary services are close at hand.
The company has three well-equipped engineering departments staffed with experienced personnel and a trade/retail shop with a wide selection of engineering and fluid-handling components (over 10,000 items) that enable the end user to complete a high-quality installation or repair.